SEO Companies – What To Expect And What Not To

Online marketing has created a huge buzz around SEO companies. Getting ahead, being spotted first in online search results is most coveted. But how does your company get the top spot? What are the truths and the myths around SEO? Would knowing some facts help in making a better choice of an SEO company?

SEO is not mere number crunching, it goes much beyond. How the number of clicks to a specific website/ business is linked to the socio-economic, political or cultural backgrounds is simply astounding but a reality to reckon with. Take a look at, which analyses web traffic for precisely these parameters. SEO companies find such data very useful. An example of an SEO company would be-

But have you made the right decision and how did you arrive at it? Here’s a step-by-step analysis.

Identify Whether Your Website Requires SEO or Not

You’ve identified that you would like to team up with an SEO Service Provider. It’s the buzzword, so you must team up! Or should you? But who does not want more hits on their website? If you are serious about an SEO service, you might want to consider it in the design stage of your website. Is your design minimalistic or image heavy? To design a website around SEO requirements may require compromises around the design of the website. It may mean forgoing an image for text instead, that could make your website more efficient to searches. You must be ready for any design alterations if needed.

Budget Consideration Is a Must

Know that there is a budget implication to enlisting the service of an SEO company.  Some web-development firms offer SEO services in their packages. Since SEO involvement is best right from the start of building a website, often the budget associated is very high.  Explore phase-wise payment options.

How Does The SEO Company Itself Rank In Search Results?

Just go ahead and key in the name of the company and know for yourself.  If the company ranks high, you have your answer.  If it ranks low, you have your answer again! The internet is a very dynamic environment. A good SEO company not only keeps abreast of the latest algorithm changes but can also predict or plan for future algorithmic changes.

How Genuine is the SEO Company?

Apart from its own ranking, it is important to delve a little into the kind of algorithms the company uses.  This might get a little technical but is important nevertheless. Know whether they implement ethical SEO tactics or unethical methods like IP cloaking, dummy redirects, irrelevant words added to web pages or duplicate content pages to name a few.  Unethical tactics are a definite no-no!

Company Experience Speaks For Itself

The longer the company has remained in SEO, the more knowledge gathered. You can be sure you are in good hands. Apart from finding out from friends and businesses about a certain company you   shortlisted, a good way is to examine their portfolio, directly getting in touch with their former clients and seeking feedback on how exactly they were benefitted as a result of teaming up with the SEO service provider.  The satisfaction of long-term, repeat customers must be noted.

What is the SEO Company Promising You?

Most fake companies promise the moon and deliver very little to their clients. If an SEO company tells you that no matter what, your company will remain right on top of all search engine results forever or all year, you can straight away dismiss them. The algorithms are such that even Google says that they cannot predict who will get a number one ranking on their search results. The algorithms are written to optimize search results and to best present your website as number one, but offers no guarantee.

While these are some points to consider, also do note the personal interaction with your SEO service provider. A genuine company would try and gather as much information about your business in order to be most effective to you, look out for loopholes and red flags. Note what they have to offer you as part of their ser